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The "First American" finally gets his GP trophy

By Shawn McDonald

It took over 30 years for Jim Pomeroy, the first American racer to win a World MX GP, to finally receive the first place trophy he won at the 1973 250cc Spanish Motocross GP, but that only made the occasion even more memorable. Younger brother Ron Pomeroy presented the trophy to his brother and motocross legend, Jim Pomeroy, at the August 10 AHMRA MX race at ‘The Farm’ in Chehalis, Washington, before an emotional crowd of vintage MX racers and fans. Needless to say, Jim was a little emotional at this surprise celebration. Why the big SNAFU? Why the big deal about some trophy? Jim had been denied the trophy for 30 years due to an FIM error. The FIM rules in 1973 were based on overall aggregate time, and not conventional points scoring for each moto. The trophy was given to Maico rider Hans Maisch (of the Maisch family of Maico fame) based on moto scores. The mistake was realized the next day, the event was rescored and Jim was given first place points and prizes. All things were restored except for the trophy, which had been taken back to Germany by Maisch. It was the closest Maisch ever got to actually winning a real first-place MX GP trophy.

After trying to recover the trophy unsuccessfully from Maisch for 30 years, Ron Pomeroy and friends went to the original trophy-maker and had the first place trophy remade for close to $3,000. Over 78 riders and clubs donated to the cause including Dick Mann, Brad Lackey and Billy Grossi. After a few emotional tears on Jim’s part, the injustice was finally put to peace. Here is the list of contributors that Jim and Ron Pomeroy would like to thank for making this possible: Raymond Boven, Woody Graves, Terry Saxlund, Jerry Allen, Iris Rhodes, Barb & Tim Weaver, Norm, Gail & Robbie Kopp, Lonnie & Donika Kopp, Todd & Mel Paulson, Chuck Akin, Gordy Ochs, Dave Boydson, Dick Mann, Tom Rapp, Vaughn Paul, Butch Cochran, Marv Omey, Tim Flynn, Bob Burkeler, Roger Kobler, Barbara Cash & Ray Ryan, Gary Ohalloran, Santa Clara Riders Unltd, Diamond Don, Jakes Garage, John Brum, Bob McNamara, Texas Vintage Racing Club, James Nation, Ron Melton, Woodys Vintage GP, Carl Keller Jr., Dallas Nyblod, Tacoma Motorcycle Club, Dave Row, Shawn McDonald, Ken Kissel, Ed & Marlene Parsons, Rick Humphrees, Jere Erwin, Dale & Bob Hyatt, Bill Grossi, Rick Poulin, Grayson Hart, Reese Dengler, Brian VanBuskirk, Curt Lange, Wayne Gray, Centralia Mudslingers, Steve Kast, Scott Doubravsky, Randy Brown, Jeff Shelton, Dan Boyce, Bob Sukert, Carol Gredvig, Bob Gredvig, Linda, Michael & Mark, Brad & Lori Lackey, Jim Knopp, Ron, Lyn, Gary & Brent.


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